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Support department is a critical element of customer engagemenfor technology companies - it deals with a lot of queries your customers have related to your product/service.
Professionally built support can significantly boost your customer satisfaction and could positively reflect in the sales revenues.

Mature organizations usually divide their support into 3 tiers/levels to better allocate the support resources.

Tier 1 Support handles the majority of incoming calls to the help desk, determines the customer's issue, fix some basic technical problems and record them into the issue tracking or is sue logging system.

It usually acts as a 24/7 call center, since requires knowledge of the products, and company's terms and conditions rather than technical information itself, while this group may handle up to 80% of end-users issues by phone, web-based chat tools and social networks.

More complex issues will be escalated to more in-depth technical support levels - Tier 2 or Tier 3, where experts are solving the hard bugs performing advanced technical troubleshooting and analysis of the code and data.

Level 1

24/7 customer care, service desk installation, training, customization, monitoring, problem solving

Excellent English

Computer science, experience with smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac

TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, IP routers

PHP, Java, Javascript, Bi, big data

Level 2

Product performance support Troubleshooting, infrastructure support, database administration

Excellent English

Service Desk, Hardware, Network, DBA

Troubleshoot issues VOIP, AV/VTC/IPTV/Network

VMWare, virtualization services and software

Level 3

Engineering and DevOps Engineering and Critical Problem Resolution

Excellent English

Administration of Web Servers

AWS DevOps Engineering

Programming/scripting: PowerShell, Jenkins, Python, Ruby, Java

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