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Mutual Partnership Leads to Joint Success

Every company and every business depend on partnership. At the same time, partnership is based on trust, and it comes to a real deal when one of the sides is on the different level in some way. That is the case for our company that was launched as a startup based on two different experiences that managed to grow and improve through reliable and responsible partners. Here you can read more detailed about the projects Copler was involved with and succeeded. 

Modern Events Tech(moderneventstech.com)

Copler needed a complement and expertise for its IT sector. We were seeking for a partner that would provide us with top-class managed services supported by security, scalability, and flexibility. Modern Events Tech became a perfect choice also providing Copler with cloud hosting solutions for more effective application development. This is a London, UK based company with a great number of reputable, industry-leading, award-winning partners that provide high-quality services all over the globe. 

Ukrainian Venture Hub (uvhub.org)

What can improve a young startup such as Copler once was? It should be the interaction with like-minded people, first of all in the country where the company is located. Ukrainian market and experts became accessible for Copler with the help of Ukrainian Venture Hub. This partnership also allows us to reach the social capital and leading-edge thinking that is always crucial for any business with potential, skills, and goal. Networking first of all inside the country we are located gives an invaluable opportunity to share ideas, experience, and benefits. 

Ukrainian Technology Ecosystem

When it comes to trust establishing and cooperation with the top industry leaders, especially in Ukraine, there is no better partnership solution than Ukrainian Technology Ecosystem. This partnership is the recipe for success Copler uses at its best. Major players on the worldwide market are available for both sides of this partnership due to clear business goals that represent our companies as the reliable and trustful services providers.

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