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Innovation Technologies Conference in Tel Aviv

Copler took part in the Embedded, Microprocessors & IoT 2016 conference.
This event is the major annual conference for Embedded  systems and Microprocessors in Israel.
On the event of the year there were invited various members of the embedded world, including designers of embedded systems and developers, project managers and the Academic Community. A special place in the conference was devoted to the leading producers in the embedded world. 
Representatives of Copler, Konstantin Ryzhov and Nataliya Zub also participated in this conference where they shared their knowledge and experience in innovative technologies. In a lobby Konstantin and Nataliya discussed the most important issues with representatives of business: 
- methods of an expense optimization of Israel product companies on the creation of high-technology products thanks to Ukraine outsourcing capacity;
- methods of reducing project deadlines by expansion of development teams due to creation of remote development offices;
- Influence of IoT on business and government institutions
- the lack of qualified specialists in the field of information technologies etc.
As a result of the conference such novelties and technologies as crowd funding, new autonomous agents, Adaptive Security Architecture and new data sources were submitted.

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