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Copler celebrates its 1st anniversary!

There is a big day at Copler today. Our company is celebrating its first anniversary!

Yes, we’re young, but this year showed that our direction is right; it proved that our ambitions are strong, and it improved our skills with new trials. The experience we gained is precious, and we appreciate it as much as the trust of our customers from all over the world.

Our company’s journey began a year ago exactly on this day. Copler was created on a strong and solid basis of trust, entrepreneurial spirit, and a great will to provide top-class services on IT market. Great deficiency of skilled recourses on this market was the lever that made Copler helpful and useful force that customers from all over the world appreciated right from the start.

Copler’s concept of not being tied to trends, platforms, and business flexibility made our team one of the most positively evolving ones on the market. Our mission is to help our customers to focus on their business while we are interacting with their remote teams.

So we are celebrating the milestone, and it is important due to various reasons. Such moments in a company’s history reminds about the importance, significance, and utility of our job. This date is a reward for the hard work our team faces with every day. We are a passionate, skilled, and committed team that creates something really special and modern on this restless and booming background of today.

The past year was a real success for us, and this success is a statement from now:

  • Copler has created a valuable and to-date portfolio of services for any type of business.
  • Launched the first dedicated development center in Dnipro.
  • Expanded our presence in such countries as the UK, USA, Israel, and Germany.
  • Participated in Embedded, Microprocessors &IoT 2016 conference in Tel Aviv. We met many new friends and cooperated with some brilliant partners there.
  • We got a deal with some amazing and brilliant contractors. These people played a significant role for our company during this first year.
  • Copler participated in TechCrunch DISRUPT in London. This was the time for us to share our experience with the most progressive modern startups.
  • Our team launched few exciting projects in the USA and Israel.
  • And the most important point. Copler constantly improves the process of service delivery, and this process will never stop.

So what is coming up for the next year?

The first year is always a challenge for the company, but if it was successful, the second one should be even better. That is why Copleris set for success and hard work. We have plans for the entire year already and here are some points coming up over the next couple of months:

  • The totally new website with a user-friendly interface is on its way.
  • We will hold our first  meetup in New York from 10-12 January. Join us at 110 Wall Street.
  • Exhibiting at iNNOVEX 2017 in Tel Aviv from 8 February (come and say hello if you’re there).
  • We will start the webinars session \"Smart City\" in February.
  • A few more new members of the Copler team will join us the nest year; we can’t wait.
  • We plan to visit our partners and friends in the US in March.

That was just a few most significant points from Copler’s nearest future schedule. Great things are happening, and that is just beginning.

So, the journey continues as we celebrate its anniversary today. Stay tuned and congratulate Copler on its way to bring top-class services to the world.

See you in the next year.

Konstantin Ryzhov

Co-Founder & CEO, Copler


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