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Report: Low-Cost Recruitment

Chief Operating Officer, Mrs Nataliya Zub delivered a report on Low-Cost Recruitment at the Recruiter's TechCamp. As a rule, Natalia Zub adheres mainly to approaches "without budget" thanks to what her HR projects were crowned with success. 

In the report, Natalya enumerates some ways of carrying out a successful project that requires little or no budget to implement.
She discusses such points as:

  • How close the vacancy in an hour;
  • How to organize a staff for 20 minutes;
  • How to discipline the entire company and forget about problems with attendance, leave and sick leave;
  • How to make sure that managers do not 'forget to notify HR "of any changes in personnel;

And the most important - how to make your processes enjoyed by all and doing it correctly and with pleasure.
In addition, Nataliya identified trends for the coming year, among which were the following:

  • Attraction of a high-quality personnel;
  • Increase in rates of hiring;
  • Increase in the budget of the company;
  • Increase of the influence of HR brand on the involvement of new candidates;
  • Automatization of screening and process of hiring of the employee;
  • Use of social media;
  • Growth of the competition for the best candidates;
  • Creation of the career website

As a conclusion, Nataliya Zub gives a few advices in recruiting:

“You should promote not your company and sell not your product, but “emotion" and "result" from the use of your services and contact with your company, and do not forget that attracting a new customer costs five times more expensive than retaining old”.

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